This website, blog and home-buyer's assistance service came about when I realised that there were many people, specifically many women out there who need advice and support when they are looking to buy an affordable home.

I've worked in property consulting for nearly 30 years. For 10 years of that time I was a single mother working hard to keep a roof over our head and trying to save to buy a home of our own.

Whether you are a young person looking for your first home or you have recently become single and you are closer to retirement, buying a home is a huge exercise and probably the biggest investment of your life. You will find that getting a home loan is not so easy if you don't fit neatly into the bank or lender's definition of a two-person (couple) with two incomes.

There are women everywhere in Australia trying to climb this mountain. So this site is a starting point to get advice and support. You can also make contact with me if you would like me to assist you with the home-buying process.

I offer a very affordable service to assist women all over Australia to find their affordable home, get a home loan and live comfortably under their own roof. This is a personal mission and the value proposition of affordhome.com.au.

I am eternally grateful to HerBlackBook and Samsung Electronics Australia who gave me a fantastic start in April 2022 with a $10,000 grant and a magnificent package of electronic goods to help me get started on this journey. They have also given me invaluable mentoring advice and support. I know in my heart that this mission is very important, particularly in Australia at this time with so many mature aged women becoming homeless. The awarding of the grant only confirmed in my mind that there are many, many people out there who support this project and want to see it succeed.

If you want to contribute to this site and share your thoughts, information and ideas, please do not hesitate to make contact: hello@affordhome.com.au.

I look forward to hearing from you and please do not hesitate to make contact with me if you require assistance or just simple advice with your home-buying journey.

Helen Hillier can be contacted at hello@affordhome.com.au, by mobile phone on 0477-738-593 or fill out the subscribe form.