Moving to a regional town or City

Moving to a regional town or City
Regional centres offer services, employment, schools and importantly real estate, at a more affordable price than Cities. 

Have you been thinking that your affordable home might be located in a country town or regional Centre such as Gladstone, Murwillumbah, Bacchus Marsh or Toowoomba? You are not alone!

Australians moved in their thousands after the COVID-19 lockdowns from major cities including Sydney and Melbourne to regional areas where they can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and work from home. This 'move to the country' has had the effect of pushing up prices in most regional centres, however there are still bargains to be found compared to capital City prices.

We can assist with property appraisals which will include an estimated value of the home, and information regarding schools, services and public transport in the local area. Importantly we can advise you regarding industries and available employment in your preferred location.

We can also assist with helping you to choose a town or City which will suit your personal interests and circumstances. There are some regional areas which are offering free or subsidised vacant land to attract new residents to the area. We can give you advice regarding affordable regional localities and the opportunities available.