Work out the best location

Work out the best location
Working out the best location for your personal circumstances will help focus your search

If you are still working, then you should look at locations which will offer employment to suit your skills. We can help you with information about employment, industries and incubators in different regional areas.

Once you have decided which region, town or City is your preferred choice for purchasing an affordable home, narrowing your choice down to certain suburbs or districts will help focus your search. You will soon get to know which areas are in your price bracket and what sort of property is affordable and most suitable for your personal circumstances. For example, if you have children at school, you need to know which schools are in the local catchment of the property you are looking at.

If you look at a well-designed and well-located home, you may be able to choose a slightly smaller property in a more central location, which will reduce your home loan, maintenance, energy and transport costs in the long term.

If you order a property appraisal package, we can provide advice about purchase price, services, employment and a range of other criteria to assist you with your affordable home-buying journey.