Negotiate the purchase price

Negotiate the purchase price
Reviewing the cost of essential repairs and renovations should be done before you negotiate the purchase price

Once you have decided which property you would like to purchase, we can assist you with a property appraisal. If you engage us to provide a Buyer’s Agent service, we can assist with negotiating the purchase price on your behalf to ensure you get the best value for money.

We can also assist with negotiating special conditions you may wish to include in the Contract, such as a delayed settlement or settlement subject to Building and Pest Inspection.

You may like to create a shortlist of two or three homes and the decision to purchase can be based on a range of things such as the cost of keeping the home warm or cool, the cost of essential repairs, or the ongoing costs such as Body Corporate levies for an apartment.

Other items that can affect the cost of ownership include pool and garden maintenance, type of building material such as timber or weatherboard, and location.

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